Rows: Columns: Cell Size: Maximum Pressure: Update Frequency:
1-0: Set percentage of current cell (1 for 10%, 2 for 20% ... 0 for 100%)
Dash (-) for 0%, EQUALS (=) to change Sign.
Current sign indicator is in the bottom right.
Space: Reset simulation. P: Pause Simulation.
Q: Place Cell
An empty Cell. Set percentage for a one-time fill.
W: Place Wall
Blocks pressure transfer.
E: Place Void
Sets self to 0 pressure.
A: Place Vent
Sets self to maximum negative pressure. Set percentage to change amount.
S: Place Source
Sets self to maximum positive pressure. Set percentage to change amount.
D: Place Drain
Attempts to reach 0 pressure by dividing current pressure by 2.
N: Toggle Numbers. Not recommended at small grid sizes or large pressure maximums.
May impact framerate.