Ver 2.3(12/4)

-+Reworked all rooms

Ver 2.2(10/25)

++Added a new boss

Ver 2.1(10/17)

==Fixed a bug where reseting while in a room caused loot to drop.
++Added item rooms with drops in them
++Added boss rooms
++Added a boss mob!

Ver 2.0(10/16)

-+Changed traditional wave format to support multiple stages.
--Now start with much less ammo, none on some weapons.
--Railgun max ammo reduced 25->5
++Targets now lose between 1 and 10 health per frame when they are the only enemy type left alive.
==KNOWN BUG: If the first start of the game (onload, not reset) is cellar, one pickup will spawn.

Ver 1.6(10/9)

==Fixed a left in console.log slowing down run time
==Fixed a bug where player health and armor to heal values would infinitely deplete while dead (meaning if the resurrect cheat is used, you could have -3000 health to heal, and would need to pick up 3k worth in healing before being able to heal)

Ver 1.5(10/3)

++Added weapon swap sounds, wave start sounds, and purchase sounds
++Added checks for number keys being pressed
++Pistol RoF increased 25->10
++Pistol accuracy Increased 0.175->0.5
--Pistol Pierce decreased 2->1
++Added Laser Sight, since im not sure how to add gun models
++Added button sounds for restart, and changing colors
++Added spawn sounds for spawning hotkeys
++Added laser color picker
-+Ordered changelog opposite (newst ver on top)
--Minigun minimum fire rate increased 2->3
++Added Magnet Mode, as well as an indicator for it
-+Changed comma to be gib toggle key (on+color,on+allRed,off)
-+Changed M key to be magnet mode toggle
-+Player now restores health and armor over time via a storage buffer
++Pickups now flash before disappearing
++Level background now managed by level color
++Added main tracks from original BoI, totalling 9 different levels
++Player now starts with 50% max armor, up from 20%
==Fixed a bug where players could finish a wave and reset to get the drops on a new run
==Fixed a bug where players could reset with health and armor to heal left over
--Decreased chaser health scaling 25/50/75->25/40/55
--Decreased chaser size 5/10/15->5/7/9
--Decreased chaser damage 5/10/15->5/7/9
++Pistol max ammo increased 100->200
--Most wave timers reduced
--Drop amounts for ammo reduced again 20 small packs to fill, up from 15
==Fixed a bug where chasers could slip through the floor or walls and suffocate
-+Moved frog, vampire, and chaser escape bugs into one universal enemy patch preventing escape. Enemies still suffocate while outside, but should no longer spawn outside, and should not be able to stay out for long if at all
==Fixed a bug where player health and armor to heal would remain while dead


--Removed Death Ray due to constant problems interacting with other systems
++Added RailGun, a high velocity, high pierce sniper style weapon
-+Death Ray has been replaced, so most stats have changed
++Added sound effect handling systems
++Shooting sounds for all weapons implemented
++Hit sound when damaging enemies implemented
++Pickup sounds for health, armor, ammo, and money implemented
-+Gibs now only spawn while a weapons pierce /2 > 0, preventing unneccesary gibs from high pierce weaponry
++Added background music
==Until I get my own sounds, HUGE thanks to HL2, TF2, and BoI for stolen audio haha
++Added standalone page to contain this changelog
-+Moved Scripts into a scripts folder for more proffesional structuring
-+Moved Styles into a scripts folder for more proffesional structuring


--Decreased chaser health scaling 50/100/200->50/75/100
--Decreased pixel health scaling 75/150/250->75/125/200
--Decreased frog health scaling 150/250/350->150/225/300
++Increased target health scaling 150/500/750->300/500/700
++Increased goliath health scaling 350/700/1050->550/800/1050
++SMG max ammo increased 180->250
++Drop scaling increased 20%max->15%max
==Fixed a bug where doubloons would not drop (cannonball ammo was not set to full by default)
--Death Ray max ammo decreased 750->500
--Death Ray starting ammo reduced 350->250
--Death Ray pierce reduced 500->100
++Increased sniper accuracy 0.2->0.1
++Increased Deagle accuracy 0.25->0.2
++Added 'click' notification that weapon is out of ammo
++Added 'Empty!' notification that weapon is out of ammo
-+Changed armor color to aqua
++Added color pickers for player color, player armor, and player blood
++Added an outline to player when his shield is up (armor > 0)
-+Reworked keybinds so most keys function while dead, only player controls fail
-+Changed player starting size and pos to have constants
++Added function to reset game state
++Added missing instructions for how to shoot
++Bound a key to restart the game (enter)
-+Changed kill bind to toggle alive state (for in game revive)
-+Moved enemy size modifier to spawn enemy function to allow support in challenge mode
++Added aiming crosshair
--Removed mouse cursor
++Added backdrop to crosshair to prevent it being invisible on a matching background
++Added color customization for crosshair
++Damage numbers now match player blood color
==Locked color pickers to viewport
==Floated controls right (I hate CSS)


++added bind to remove health and armor (numpad5)
-+changed targets to grey
==fixed a bug that allowed vampires to jump just barely over the border, and get sucked into the abyss
==FPS counter moved into the ground
++added health pie things to player character for easier recognition of health state (moved to top of screen for aesthetic reasons)
==player health and armor now count down steadily while dead to prevent picking up health and being damaaged, and knocked around, while 'dead'
++added kill bind (numpad9)
++added damage number and gore indicators in bottom right
++added blood and gibs to damage enemy keybind
++added bloodColor field to allow custom blood colors
++added allRedMode which changes all gore to red (bound to comma)
-+changed rocket launcher blood from a stationary large dot to a more worthy blast
++buffed armor to absorb 67% of incoming damage
--reduced max armor to half max health
++updated pickup funcion to be dynamic rather then hardcoded
-+all starting ammo counts and ammo maximums reworked
++pistol firerate increased 25->20
++pistol base damage increased 12->20
++pistol accuracy increased 0.2->0.175
++pistol shot speed increased 6->7
++smg firerate increased 4->3
--smg accuracy decreased 2.5->2.75
++shotgun pellets increased 20->25
++rocket launcher direct hit damage increased 12->50
++deagle pierce increased 4->5
++deagle fire rate increased 30->25
--deagle accuracy decreased 2.5->2.75


==fixed a bug where after completing challenge mode, the array would not reset and all timers stayed where they were from the previous run
++added debug key for picking up items
++added goliath type enemies
--nerfed Ion Ball: now loses 10% of its pierce on impact instead of only 1
++added circular collision for circular enemy types
==fixed a bug where target type enemies would deal 0 damage to you, but still give you invincibility frames again, recurred due to circular collision
==fixed a bug that allowed enemies to spawn on the very borders of the screen and be absorbed by the abyss
==fixed a bug that allowed frogs to jump just barely over the border, and get sucked into the abyss
++added blood and gibs
-+changed chasers to be yellow
++added total objects counter. Counts all bullets, enemies, pickups, gibs, and damage numbers


baseline. Ill update changelog from here, rather then recording a TODO as the base game is now complete.
++Denotes an addition or buff
--Denotes a removal or nerf
==Denotes a bug fix
-+Denotes a change
==fixed a bug where you could pause a wave, kill all/most enemies, and then resume to get a larger reward at the cost of health.
==fixed a bug where target type enemies would deal 0 damage to you, but still give you invincibility frames.
-+changed player damage to a function for easier application elsewhere.
Pickle-Chans Low Tier Changelog
TODO(9/19) set up everything. Classes movement collision framerate canvas etc. (done 9/19)
TODO(9/19) damage Nums + targets + collision oh my (done c: 9/19)
TODO(9/19) ?? new weps?.. nested array?.. (very done 9/20)
TODO(9/20) new enemy types implemented, special weapons implemented, weapon swapping (done 9/20)
TODO(9/20) add player health, add ammo + health drops, automate spawning of enemies.(mostly done 9/21)
TODO(9/21) ACTUALLY automate spawning of enemies. Greed mode timed waves? (done 9/22)
TODO(9/22) balance greed mode, add cancel wave cost, redo collision detection (collision done 9/25)
TODO(9/25) but really, do the actual game now (i think i did it?? 9/26)
TODOish(9/26) also I added enemy flashy when injure. and rebalanced weapons and drops. and EASTER EGG PIRATE BOOTY YARRRR (9/26)
TODO(9/26) added more enemies and upgraded wave fight to be more balanced. added better BOOTY management. need to add wave cancel cost, though currently there isnt really a need.

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